Visa Australia to Enter Australian Continent

Australia is the only country which is also a separate continent. Its scenic features and natural climatic conditions make it a good place for everyone to visit. To travel to Australia a person must have a valid visa. People from certain countries exempted from visa Australia need an Australia ETA to enter into Australia.

What is electronic travel authority?

An ETA or electronic travel authority is needed for people to enter the Australian territory. It is issued for any visa exempt foreign nationals travelling to Australia. With visa Australia service, one can travel to Australia even if they don’t have a visa. They are issued a legal authorization to enter Australia without a valid visa. The following are the travellers eligible for ETA to enter Australia:


  • Passport holders from countries of Canada, U.S.A, Brunei, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Republic of Korea and some of the European Union countries.
  • People who are travelling to Australia for visiting a friend or family, tourism purpose or a business trip.
  • A visitor who stay in Australia for less than 3 months.

Features and conditions for Australia ETA

To be eligible for Australia ETA, a person must be living outside the Australian territory. Some of the conditions and distinct features of the electronic travel authority are:

  • A person applying for the ETA can come to Australia to explore business opportunity, attend conferences, or carry out business related activities but is not allowed to work.
  • The Australia ETA is valid for 12 months from the date of issue and one can come and go whenever they want within this period of time.
  • For those enrolled in an academic or vocation course, this visa allows them for that but only for 3 months.

To apply for an ETA, a person must have a valid passport, credit card and an email address.