Some Essentials are Must for Applying ETA


Companies that provide ETA services can tell a tourist that there are certain essential things that must be complied with for getting an ETA visa. All these requirements are as per the Australian travel guidelines and are clearly documented in Therefore, these must be met prior to the travel and a person satisfying the conditions is eligible to travel to the country for a short term on a temporary visit. It cannot be assumed that this visa is a work visa of any kind and so likewise preparation must be done by the person concerned. A few other aspects regarding the visa can be documented here for a tourist’s convenience.


  • Few things can’t be discounted for – The ETA Australia can only be filled up online and in no other way. A passport, mail address and a credit card is very much required and preparation should be done in advance for it. Companies which are into the business of providing the service can also tell this and therefore a person can also apply through them as most have their own website for the purpose. It is not at all required that a person applies through his own credit card as long as the credit card is genuine and funds are available in it.
  • ETA can be applied for many times – If by chance an ETA application for a person fails there is no need to panic as it can be applied for innumerable times. Only the application fee has to be paid and a person can apply again for the visa. Normally, there is an application fee of a paltry US $ 68 that has to be made by a person desirous of getting the Australia ETA and therefore after depositing the account and completing the online formalities, one can easily apply for it as many times as one wishes to.

The flexibility that this form of visa offers to tourists has made it possible for them to visit the continent even on a small notice and hence is highly convenient for all types of tourists.