All the Required Knowledge about Different Types of Crossword Puzzles

The crossword puzzles are the most famous games in the world. They were seen first in England around the nineteenth century. At that time the crossword puzzles were of a very simple format, much different from what they are today. A person named Arthur Wynne made the first crossword puzzle that is known to people. The crossword puzzle help used to be there at that time as well. There are basically three types of crossword puzzles.

The crossword puzzles of freeform

These are the simplest forms of crossword puzzles. They are also termed as criss-cross puzzles because it generally has interlocked grids with sets of horizontal and vertical words.  There are certain words that are shared between the two sets. Clues can be given in the form of similar words or pictures. Educational set-ups at times use these puzzle games in order to enhance their teaching options.

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The standard crossword games

These puzzles are grid form ones and consist of black and white squares. The areas that are solid are expressed by white squares. The grid that comes out as a result of the puzzle needs to be symmetric so that the pattern should look same even when it is turned. crossword puzzle answers of various types can be used to solve these puzzles. Certain points to be remembered in such puzzles are –

  • The number of black squares should not exceed one sixth of the total grid squares.
  • All the squares should be checked ones.
  • The entries made should contain a minimum of three letters.

The cryptic form of crossword puzzles

These crossword grids have a lattice sort of structure and c=have an option of keeping fifty percent of its squares unchecked. These can be of the following types –

  • Barred type
  • Blocked type
  • Thematic type

Many people love solving crossword puzzles as a part of their refreshment and use the crossword quiz answers when they get stuck.